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  • CareMother Launch at Kamineni Hospital, Hyderabad
  • Solar Disinfection Unit
  • Istri House
  • Solar Dryer
  • Dental X-Ray
  • Eggubator

    EGGUBATOR is basically a electricity free application (to incubate eggs) in which standard temperature and humidity is maintained for 21 days. It costs only Rs.25,000 for 400 eggs which is 8 folds lesser than conventional electric one. As it is electricity free, operating cost is reduced to 20% that is only Rs.500 for 21 days. No […]

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  • CareMother- Mobile Pregnancy Care

    Every day, 800 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and child birth1. 90% of them can be saved if taken proper care and provided medical access.  There is need to reduce the gap on following points      Increase doctor –patient contact     Provide remote medical access    Early Diagnosis for high […]

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  • Water Disinfection Units

    With an objective of access to disinfected water in rural india and public places, Science for society has worked on three water disinfection units which are low cost and well fit to society. Based on proven concept and innovation in design of models make them easy to fit to local community. Availability of electricity, cost […]

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  • Istri House

    Istri House is a simple clothe ironing shop with innovative service model started at small town Ambajogai Dist. Beed, Maharashtra with objectives of women empowerment, upgrading society living standard, innovative service based business model and connecting people to be part of change leading renewable solutions. Istri house values customer’s time and quality of service. We […]

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  • Solar Conduction Dryer

    Dehydration of fruits and vegetables is a promising food processing technology that  increases shelf life of products for almost a year. It is a value addition process that can  save 1/3rd losses of seasonal agro-products. Solar dryers can be used to carry food  dehydration without relying on electricity. Solar dryers have found limited application due […]

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  • Dental X-Ray

    On daily basis 200,000 dentists in India and academic institutes need to perform series of chemical reactions manually to develop dental X-rays. In a tedious process of manual development, dentist has to work in the dark room, frequently change chemicals; still this process gives inconsistent quality of films and causes high chemical cost. Our technology is […]

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At a Glance

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Science for Society (S4S) is an innovation and research based enterprise. We dream a glorious future of developing world through development of sustainable technologies needed for industry and common man.



We are involved in:
1.Research and development of new technologies
2.Technical Consultation
3.New application development of existing products/materials


  • Low cost, convenient solutions using local resources and local knowledge
  • Reliance on renewable energy
  • Financial innovations, new payment modes as per economic condition
  • Use of government policies and active role in policy making
  • Interdisciplinary and intercultural efforts to get synergistic effect
  • Good interlinking between academics-industry-Government


  1. Identify a social need
  2. Carry out engineering research
  3. Develop an engineering solution
  4. Commercialize the technology

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App with test phone 01, Sep, 2013 :

Project CareMother is selected as Top 10 Innovations for Silicon Valley Programme by DST-Lockheed Martin  initiative "India Innovation Growth Programme 2013", evaluated by Stanford University and University of Texas  @ Austin, USA.  It also won ...

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